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How do I start?

IP will set up a limited liability company to manage your forest investments in Lithuania. Alternatively, we can help with acquisition of an established Lithuanian forest company.

How much forest can I own?

One company can own 1,500 hectares of forest and 500 hectares of agricultural land.

This limitation applies only to related persons or companies. Companies are related if the same legal or natural person owns 25% or more of the shares.

How do I handle book-keeping?

We will be responsible for daily administration of the company, invoices, book-keeping, reports and other documents.

We will represent you before tax authorities, forest inspections, notaries and other parties or institutions.

What if I have financial/legal questions?

Wherever necessary, you will be assisted by our consultants and lawyers as well as tax and other advisers.

Am I entitled to any support when managing my forests?

Yes, the Lithuanian rural development programme provides funds to help you maintain your forest.  For example, if you need to clean your 8-20-year-old pine stand, the EU subsidy will cover 100% of the cost. If after 3 years the stand needs more cleaning, you will be supported again.

We will make an application to the National Payment Agency on your behalf.

How are company results presented to the owner?

We provide financial management and activity reports, annual reports, tax filing and yearly valuation. You will also get a summary of all fees paid for forest acquisition and management, including an updated list of title.

Can I come and see?

Yes, we love meeting people and we organise study trips at least twice a year. Contact us to set up a suitable time.

What languages do you speak?

We speak English, Russian, Lithuanian and some Swedish.

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